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Privacy policy

by Zuhair Mujahid

Like every other site, usnews2day.com is also very protective of the reader’s privacy. We take all precautions to protect the information that you share with us. We use it for useful purposes only and it gets explained to you.

Privacy policy


When you read content on our site you give consent to our privacy policy and agree to our terms and conditions.

Data collection:

We collect data from you and it is for some specific reasons that we explain to you later. When you read content from our site and leave a comment or like our content, we get to know about your name and email address and if you register your account on our site we also get assistance with your information.

Purpose of data collection:

Well, the basic details that we collect from various sources are for your help. 

  • It is basically to keep you updated with the latest content posted on our site.
  • This helps you to get our services easily.
  • You would also get third-party ads of your choice.
  • It can help to improve your experience on our site.
  • It keeps you away from deceitful activities.

Cookies and ads:

Cookies help track your activity on our site. There will be a record of your past and future activities on our site. You would get third-party ads of your interest. But make sure to check their privacy policies because we don’t know about their privacy policies.

Contact us:

If you have any queries. Feel free to contact us any time at amclickspublisher@gmail.com.

Our Company

Usnews2day.com is an informative website where you will find thoroughgoing facts and details about USA and World news.


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